911 Screensaver

911 Screensaver

This 911 slideshow illustrates the band

Are you a sports cars fan?
Do you enjoy watching those modern cars that are allowed to be on the streets, but they are really almost race cars?
911 Screensaver will bring a Porsche to your home.

This unique and beautiful screensaver is just what it says: A tribute to the Porsche 911 turbo cabriolet.
It is an advertisement from the Porsche Company in the UK, inviting you to try the Experience.

This magnificent vehicle is one of my favorites.
Its curvy design is very aerodynamic and its size makes it a very maneuverable car.
And what can I say about its engine? It just flies!
But then again, you might just want to take it out on the streets and roads of your city.
As soon as you sit inside, you get immersed in a world of technology, luxury, and comfort.
Those seats are great!

This screensaver will show you several high quality photographs of a 911 Convertible, on the road, moving, and parked in some beautiful places.
The transition from image to image is great.
To begin with, it is not a regular picture of a car standing in front of a monument or building.

It is shown on a road, with an awesome background of the ocean.
To move from one image to the next one, the camera starts moving until it reaches another place in the landscape, where you will see the car from a different perspective.

You will surely enjoy watching this screensaver.
Even if you are not a fan of this car, the images and effects will definitely catch your eye.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful car!
  • Beautiful images!
  • Great camera effects!


  • Nothing worth mentioning
  • Maybe more images would be great!
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